Nipping At the Heels

It has been a couple of weeks since the All-Star break and the Milwaukee Brewers are still in first place.  Although the Chicago Cubs are nipping at their heels still.  Even though this race is close so is the race for the NL wild card spot.  As of this post the Cubs are a 1.5 game back of that.

On a separate note, when I go to, it sometimes displays an advertisement that there is a Cerveceros_1Cerveceros (Spanish for Brewers) t- shirt for sale.  When I click on the link to go to the Brewers shop there is no such shirt to be found.  Considering I have a brother-in-law who is from Mexico I thought this would be a great gift.  Ebay search has revealed nothing as well as Google.  Some other sports site stores have links but redirect to the MLB site.  This is the second time I have tried to get something from the Brewers directly and they don’t have it in stock.  Last time it was my fault for waiting too long.

A Season Half Full

The Brewers hit the halfway point of the season by completing their rubber game of the Cubs series Sunday.  It is still unbelievable that this team is rallying so strong.  I honestly felt that if the Brewers had been a game or two over .500 that would have meant they were on track to where they should be, maybe a shot at a wild card at the end of the season.

I feel my line of thinking on the team is similar to Tim Allen of WSSP-AM in Milwaukee.  I am not ready to be "all in" just yet.  I don’t consider myself a glass half empty guy but I just can’t invest emotionally into the Brewers yet.  Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the ride so far.  It is a vast improvement over the last 15 seasons or so.  I like that the Brewers are being mentioned and laughter or dead air doesn’t follow behind it.

The All-Star break is the most important turning point of the season.  It is the most obvious and Madden-esque comment anyone could make but it is true.  Some teams come on stronger, some come off weaker.  The Brewers could end up like the Detroit Tigers last year and battle their way through the rest of the season leading.  They have been relatively healthy as compared to last season.  The biggest show of dominance by the Brewers must be displayed in July. Otherwise this could be a long, possibly exciting summer of baseball.

Brewers trade Jose Capellan to Detroit

Can’t say I miss him but I am glad a negative attitude is out of the Brewers clubhouse.  He pulled some shenanigans a few months back that irritated the Brewers and fans.  Now he is gone.  Brewers have a high class A pitcher from Detroit by the name of Chris Cody.  Even if he doesn’t amount to much I don’t consider Capellan to great of a loss. If Cody is great, even better.

In the eyes of national sports media

The Onion had a good parody about how national sports media (ESPN, SI, etc) relate to covering anyone else other than the Yankees/Red Sox or maybe Mets.  The Onion orginally started in Madison, Wisconsin.  Maybe some locals took part in this.  Here is the blurp below:

Report: Another Baseball Team Almost Does Something As Interesting As Yankees, Red Sox

NOT BOSTON OR NEW YORK—Something nearly worth reporting occurred either Saturday or Sunday—although no written records of the event exist, analysts claim it was the same day the Yankees beat the Mets to take the Subway Series—when the Minnesota Twins squandered a large late-game lead to the Brewers, but then won the game when Jason [sic] Morneau hit a walkoff home run in a manner eerily reminiscent of Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. "Manny Ramirez has really started heating up at the plate as of late, and you know what that means—opposing pitchers had better watch out," ESPN’s Sean McAdam said when asked about Corey Hart’s eighth-inning homer that cut the Twins’ lead to two. "But if the Yankees rotation stays healthy and Abreu keeps swinging a big stick, it will be a tight race down the stretch. Should be a fun summer." Prince Fielder, Torii Hunter, Jeff Suppan, and Joe Nathan were unavailable for comment, as they are not Derek Jeter, Curt Schilling, Johnny Damon, or Alex Rodriguez.

Book review: Catcher in the Wry

One of my greatest discoveries was going into a used bookstore and finding a copy of Bob Uecker’s Catcher in the Wry for $2.  I purchased it about 6 years ago and have read it about 4 times now.  Each time I pick it up and it still seems to make me laugh.  If you have listened to Uke’s broadcasts a lot of these stories have been repeated on the air.  It humorously chronicles his career first as a baseball player, then a broadcaster and an entertainer.  If you can find a copy, I consider it good reading.


Brewers Premiere on the Young and the Restless

The Brewers swept the Giants and I am blogging about a soap opera.  I know this is pretty sad but that is how it goes lately.

JSOnline has the clip of the players on the show.

The Brewers and the Restless

The soap opera The Young and the Restless will have four of the Milwaukee Brewers on an episode tomorrow.  Jeff Suppan, Chris Capuano, J.J. Hardy and Bill Hall will have a cameo on the television show.  Something I learned is that the fictional show takes place is set in Genoa City, Wisconsin. 

Found this clip with a little bit of the behind the scenes action.  June 20th is going to be the episode where the Brewers make their appearance.

New MLBlog: Ask Dave

Dave Nelson, former Milwaukee Brewers first base coach turned Brewers TV Analyst/Manager of Alumni Relations now has a blog.  A Brew Crew Coup welcomes Dave Nelson to the blogging world.  Looks like his focus will be taking questions from the fans.

The Interleague Way

This Friday the Brewers among other teams being to play teams from the American League.  Fans of the Brewers often think of this as a trip back on nostalgia when the teams takes on teams they left behind almost 10 years ago in the AL Central.  Don’t get me wrong I prefer the National League to the American League but do miss those days of the DH.

Minnesota, Detroit and Kansas City are on the schedule for this season.  As a former resident in Minnesota,  one of the series I looked forward to was the Brewers coming to the Metrodome.  It was great to see other Brewer’s fans in the dome.  Last year’s trip was disastrous with the Brewers getting swept.  But this year the team has a lot to offer it opponents.  The series with the Twins in the past in Miller Park, fans have traveled well from Minnesota. 

It would be great if both teams give hotly contested battle (hopefully in the Brewers favor) over the weekend.  The Brewers are coming off of a disappointing road series with the NL East division.  A short home stand might be what the doctor ordered.  Minnesota has been hovering back and forth over and under .500.

New MLBlog: Jenks’ Joint

The most veteran player on the Milwaukee Brewers now has a MLBlog.  It is called Jenks’ Joint.  I think it is great that a Brewer is jumping online to blog about the team.  A Brew Crew Coup welcomes Geoff Jenkins to the blogging world.